Time to Check Your Credit Report: Equifax

Four months ago, I suggested you request a free credit report from TransUnion. In order to take full advantage of your free credit reports, I suggest that you request a free report every 4 months, rotating among the different credit agencies each time. This time I’m detailing the process to request a free credit report from Equifax:
Here are the steps necessary:
1. go to www.annualcreditreport.com
2. select your state and click “request report”
3. fill in your personal information, security characters from picture, and click “continue”
4. select Equifax and click “next”
5. click “next” again
6. confirm personal information and click “continue”
7. answer credit questions and click “continue”
8. choose extras if you want to pay, I never do, click “no thanks, I do not want to see my credit score”
9. click “yes” to answer 1. requesting your credit report online free for 30 days. click “no” for the rest
10. Fill in information to open an account, opt out of privacy if you want to opt out, accept agreement terms if you accept them, click “Submit”
11. click “view and print my report”

I click “print report” to get a copy for my records. This way you can compare them with previous reports you’ve received. If you find there is something amiss, contact that agency immediately.

You can contact Equifax at 866-585-9451. In 4 months I will remind you to get your report from Experian. Make sure to double check the information against accounts on this report. Finally, please forward this to anyone you think might benefit from the knowledge.

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